The Tealeaves Told her a Story

She watched her husband wading through green bushes to the street and disappearing among the crowd. Had he disappeared from her life, forever! It was a heavy wish.

He came home one day, she remembered, accompanied by the broker; her mother rushed to kitchen, put the kettle on, spooned tealeaves into a jug and filled it with boiling water. She sharpened her ears; the bleeding tealeaves told her a story; its message she relayed to her mother, who dismissed it as foolish.

Now she says, ‘’you are a woman, you sacrifice. After all what do you lack in your life?’’
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Welcome to my blog

This is my new blog on creative writing.  I have been writing blog for a long time just about things that I got hooked on ranging from anything to anything. Of recent I got focused on creating writing and this blog I am dedicating to topics connected with that. Short stories, book reviews are two items that feature immediately in my mind. Other items I may add in due course.

I hope to update it regularly, but that depends on the availability of my time of course. But I promise, I will try hard not to be a drop out.

I live between two countries-India and South Africa. I have great times in both the countries.